Sunday, June 07, 2015

Terrorism in the good old days

Professor Podles has been blogging about his extended family and their connections, and today's blogpost is about the terrorism of the early 20th century, which an assasination attempt on JPMorgan, the bombing of Wall Street in 1920.

Men were knocked off their feet, including a young stockbroker named Joseph P. Kennedy.  There was carnage. A woman’s head was discovered stuck to the concrete wall of a building, with a hat still on it. The head of the horse was found not far from the blast, but its hooves turned up blocks away in every direction. Morgan himself was on vacation across the Atlantic, but his son Junius was injured, and Morgan’s chief clerk, Thomas Joyce, was killed.

The connection? When Morgan wasn't around, a terrorist went around looking for a substitute...and killed one of his relatives, a doctor, who just happened to be in the wrong church at the right time.

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