Sunday, June 28, 2015

The "WAGD" post of the day

CNBC article discussing if the ordinary bird flu that is raging in the US could affect humans:  HERE

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that human infection, though rare, has been known to happen when people come into contact with an infected bird. Most recently, the H7N9 variant of bird flu infected some people in China, according to the CDC.
"Our work and that of others suggest that H7N9 has pandemic potential," saids Janies, who is also a research associate in the invertebrate zoology department at the American Museum of Natural History, "but we have not seen human to human transmission yet."
From Poultry news: Novel Avian Flu found in China

right now, in the US, the price of eggs is going up due to so may birds having to be destroyed for being infected with bird flu.

But this article is more ominous: it's an avian/human hybrid

CHINA - Chinese researchers who analysed influenza viruses from poultry in live-bird markets say they have discovered a novel H5N9 virus, which is a hybrid of various other avian influenza viruses.
The hybrid received a highly pathogenic H5 gene from the H5N1 avian flu virus and an N9 gene from a human-infecting H7N9 virus, along with other elements. However, the virus only caused low mortality rates when tested on mice.
this has been perculating for two years in China, so not a big thing yet...yet...

and don't worry: MERS is still perculating along at a low rate in Korea...

if we are worried, it is because we have a lot of medical personnel working in Saudi, and one already brought it here (with no secondary cases, thank God).

But now there is a worry about tourism spreading it: Baguio is a favorite site for Koreans to vacation or study...
no cases here yet, although there is one case in Thailand...


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