Monday, June 08, 2015

The wimp factor or why the election smears have started a year too soon.

politics is a lot of smoke and mirrors: Image is often more important than reality. So despite the distortion of the MSM vs Fox, one does wonder about looking strong in international issues when the Sect of State breaks a leg while on his bicycle.

Bicycling magazine notes that the bike was 10 years old, and when Kerry ran into problems with it earlier, he got a police escort to take him to the bicycle shop.

Heh. It's nice to be the king.

the right wing blog, American Thinker compares the pink (actually it looks orange) bike rider to Vladamir Putin's macho photos, and suggests that it makes the Obama administration look like Pajamaboy or a wimp.

While Mr. Kerry did not technically crash on his pink, female-model, Pee-Wee Herman-style bicycle he rode in Nantucket last August, it is that telling image that the eyes of the world will forever associate with Mr. Kerry – two-wheelers and a broken leg. In various photos, by contrast, "He-Man" Vladimir Putin bear-wrestles, rides horses shirtless, and even nuzzles a leopard. Likewise to Mr. Kerry, Mr. Obama is seen wearing mom-jeans, taking selfies, and holding a poodle proudly to his chest. 

The Democrats have a problem, which is why O'Malley has had photo ops showing off his six pack abs.

Conspiracy alert: Maybe the reason organizers hit on Baltimore (targeting only one of many recent "police killings", even though this one was an accident from carelessness and some of the cops involved were black) for their latest riots was to sabotage O'Malley's run (as ex guv of that state).

Which will clear the way for Hillary, whose ineptitude suggests that maybe she did get brain damage from her subdural hematoma.

Of course, we also could vote for the feisty Warren, who could gather popular support by fighting that secret trade agreement no one is allowed to see...(but has been leaked by Wikileaks) but she may have some skeletons in her own closet, such as getting Indian preference without a valid CDIB card and making money from real estate roll overs.

But will the clown car Republicans be any better?

well, aside from the fact most of them have a lot of experience running things, why are they being targeted as dumb? Maybe because Hillary is looking weak, so the opposition has to be destroyed in the MSM by important exposes that one candidate had four speeding tickets in 18 years?

Well, some one is worried enough to call in a bomb threat when the ex hog farmer veteran who is in Congress from Iowa held a roast and ride picnic for the Republican candidates.
I mean, this guy has no chance to be president, but hell, he makes Putin look like a pussy cat...and the photos of the ex guv of Texas, who served in the AirForce, make him look more macho than Kerry an authentic combat Veteran.

the Iowa event I mentioned above got a bomb threat via the internet, suggesting it was not a local nut but from a sophisticated left wing pressure group. And presumably this will not be the last one. Which is why the MSM ignored it.

This sounds like the 1960's redux, which it probably is, with the aging hippie activists making their last stand to destroy western civilization.

But both these stories make one wonder: Where is the secret service in all of this?

Kerry's biking partner is undoubtaby security but would have a problem having to control his bike in an attack or even keeping Kerry from hitting a kerb  (presumably they checked the street for roadside bombs and dangerous pedestrians before going out).

And then the Beitbart article suggests the bomb threat was handled locally. Uh, isn't this also a federal matter? If not secret service, than an FBI problem? Not clear from the article.

Finally, the "Republicans are stupid" meme is not limited to the many potential candidates.

Egomaniac Trump is going along with the "clown" meme of the media, but he errs when he calls Doctor Krauthammer a "dummy".

Dr. Krauthammer, a psychiatrist and political pundit, is not stupid, but using "dummy" as in "Ventriloquist dummy" is a smear: Dr. K looks stiff on TV because he is a quadriplegic.

Nope, hate speech against the handicapped here is long as the man who valiantly overcame his handicap is a Republican...

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