Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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a couple days ago, Drudge linked to a UKTelegraph essay that asked if all the conspiracy theories were coming true.

Today, he summarizes his take on the Pope backing the NWO

the full picture, in case you don't remember, is this incident

where the doves of peace were attacked by a crow and seagull...
Greedy predators or a sign from heaven?
Nah no one believes in signs from heaven any more, even Lutherans...


Culture of death update: A new treatment for unhappy transsexuals: Kill them. (Via AnneAlthouse)

The slippery slope to killing people for any reason is alive and well in Belgium, and the NewYorker cheers: They see this as a good thing, since it rejects their "Catholic, patriarchal roots".

this is actually about lowering medical costs since the aging population could bankrupt these countries, something the article actualy hints at...and includes killing unhappy people, not just sick ones....

UKGuardian report here suggests a big problem, including nurses killing patients who didn't ask for it...

And expect it pushed on your tv shows: In the tv show The Messengers, a nurse killed an acutely injured patient who told her he didn't want to live like that... no one condemned it, even though it implied he would only be handicapped (and in acute cases, one never knows how far a person could recover). I only caught two minutes of the show surfing the channels, but one wonders how many similar cases are pushed on shows that I don't watch.


AmericanThinker links to the UKTelegraph article that relates the power struggle that will erupt when the chief mullah dies.
StrategyPage report on the complicated story of the Middle East.
Complicating the story? If Syrian extremists attack the Druze communities there, Israel may step in and rescue them.

Hacker alert: The Cardinals are hacking the Astros, the ACLU is hacking Congressional aides, and the Chinese/Russian hackers are attacking US gov't computers and downloading personal information of those of us who worked there, and hackers are using medical devices to hack into computers of hospitals.

but don't worry: A nice solar flares one of these days will wipe out all our computers and shut the world down:

more HERE.


But there is happy news: (via DaveBarry)

Happy Fudge day!

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