Saturday, June 20, 2015

What I'm Reading

CSpan books has a short talk about this book about Japanese women sent to the USA as a cross cultural experiment.

I checked ScribD but couldn't find it yet, but did find a book with a similar name about a conservative Samurai's daughter sent to marry a Japanese man in the USA. LINK

I am also reading this book about a Manchu princess (after the revolution threw out the Manchu rulers) adopted by a Japanese man and who later worked for the Japanese who were trying to encourage the non Han Manchus and Mongols to be independent from China (and of course be really ruled by a benevolent Japan). Aside from being a lady about town (eavesdropping and spying in Shanghai) she also road around helping to establish anti Han "militias" in the northern non Han areas of China.

Eventually executed by the communist gov't, she was a cross dressing bisexual whose exploits were lauded for propaganda purposes in the 1930's...

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