Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stories hidden below the fold

Bastille day? Bah humbug: via LesFemmes
The Vendee massacres were written out of history, but were a prelude to the massacres of later revolutions.

Solzhenitsyn on the Vendee martyrs.


factoid of the day: From strategyPage: Slavery in Muslim lands.

Slavery was outlawed in Arabia in the early 1960s, but that only eliminated the more obvious cases in urban areas. The practice continued in more remote areas. It's been going on for thousands of years, during which Arabs are believed to have enslaved up to 20 million Africans. As a result, up to twenty percent of the people in Arabia appear to have African ancestors and genetic studies have confirmed this.
again, the decimation of East African rural people by Arab slave traders was written out of history. Of course, it dates back way before Islam...

but you know it wasn't just Africans: the slave trade by the Barbary pirates is almost forgotten too...not to mention all those white deportees to America and Australia who were essentially slaves too.

As for the African Slave trade: until Africans write their own history, (i.e. not the marxist version of history that only recognizes the Atlantic slave trade, which was mainly to the west Indies or Brazil) this will not be remembered.

I mean, will they ban Great Zimbabwe because of it's involvement with the slave trade?

of course, nowadays, the importation of foreign workers continues.

No, not slaves, but few rights. And, like slaves, they work cheaply and don't reproduce and leave babies behind to grow up and take over these countries, allowing the clan heads to continue to run things.

which is why the gold standard for people here in the Philippines looking for jobs is the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Europe...where they and their children will be integrated into society.

semi related item: The Republican nativists like Donald Trump seem to think that the Hispanics are a monolith and will never be integrated into society (this, despite Cruz being one of their candidates).

Yet the dirty little secrets is that a lot of Hispanics not only intermarry with Anglos and after the first generation but that many of them become Protestant/Pentecostal.

via GetReligionLuis Palau gives a revival in NYC...and unlike the NYTimes notes it is a multi ethnic meeting.


oppose Obama, get psychiatric treatment by court order.

Yes, I know: He broke election finance laws. And he is a bit nutty and one sided in his films, but hey, so is Michael Moore...

Pluto may or may not be a planet, but hey the photos from the fly by are awesome.


ProfPodles: Remembering the hydroplanes and the first Atlantic crossing by air

so how did they navigate before GPS?
On 16 May, the three Curtiss NCs departed on the longest leg of their journey, from Newfoundland to the Azores Islands in the mid-Atlantic. Twenty-two more Navy ships, mostly destroyers, were stationed at about 50-mile (80 km) spacings along this route.[4] These “station ships” were brightly illuminated during the nighttime. Their sailors blazed their searchlightsinto the sky, and they also fired bright star shells into the sky to help the aviators to stay on their planned flight path.[5]

BBC: What does Rosemary (the herb) do to your brain? 

the implications of this kind of research are huge, but they don't mean you need to spend your days smelling of rosemary and your night sleeping on a pillow of lavender. The effects were measurable but modest and they give us a clue that further research into some of the chemicals in essential oils may yield therapeutics and contribute to our understanding of memory and brain function.

from Improbableresearch:

The History of Looking at Breasts

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