Monday, July 27, 2015

TEOTWAWKI post of the day

Eliz Foley via Instapundit reports that an "anti bullying" group giving a conference to small town kids taught kinky sex to middle schoolers.

so you can't read the bible in school, but you can use tax payer funds to let a gay advocacy group teach this under the guise of "bullying"?

related item: Obama is bullying Kenya to accept gays. Translation: Change your laws or lose American money.

 In societies where authority is obeyed, gay sex means sexual exploitation of those under you, be it the tribal chief, the "problem son" sent to Kenya to avoid scandal, or your employer or schoolteacher. And of course, it is considered "consensual" if they don't object, as I was told by a local businessman who routinely sexually abused his employees.

 St Charles Lwanga, pray for us.

related item: A statue of the devil (actually one of Baphomet) is being unveiled in Detroit, and they claim they will hold a ceremony to honor him. A publicity stunt, of course.

Baphomet, of course, is the nickname of Alister Crowley, a notorious pedophile...and it may not be a coincidence that the proposed statue has two kids with him.

Another partially related item: what happens when a graphic "gotcha" film is made of a person selling baby parts? The reporter will be investigated, of course.

Excuse my cynicism, but ethicists in the AMA back in the 1990's proposed using live but brain damaged babies for body parts (until the outcry made them change their mind). True, these children rarely live more than a week or two, but does that mean they can be killed and harvested?

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