Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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How to kill (or save) a Martian

and yes, this technology is available now


The Hobbit 3 movie extended edition is being anticipated by a lot of fans, because despite too many action scenes that slowed down the plot there was a lot left out, such as the actual battle with Dain, Beorn and the Eagles, and a lot of the people oriented scenes to flesh out the plot, such as Bard being elected leader of Dale and Thorin's funeral.

well, now we hear the extended edition will be R rated.
Heh. Unless they include an R rated scene between Tauriel and Kili, I suspect this means more bloody fighting scenes.

(update: One comment notes that maybe they will include more comments by Dain... Dain's language is not PC, to say the least, but went over the head of Yanks.).


I love the trilogy, but you know, the fan "Bilbo only" version that is closer to the book is actually better in some ways.


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