Sunday, August 23, 2015

the "WAGD" Headine of the day: A new Korean war?

I've been out of the loop for news for a few days due to stomach flu, but today's Manila Bulletin headline says the gov't here is getting ready just in case we have to evacuate our 50 thousand citizens from Korea.

apparently they think loud speakers booming anti North Korea messages over the border are an act of war, so they are planning to bomb them.

The AlJazeerah take is here. They note the military buildup but doubt it will escalate to war.

FormerSpook has a long essay from Friday on the background of the crisis.

Here in the Philippines, we can guage how dangerous a crisis is by the number of folks coming back, and so far none have arrived from Korea. But since we lack ships, when there are too many to evacuate by air, we have had to rely on other countries to get them out of the war zones.

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