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Imagine: Catholics want the Pope to be Catholic

via Drudge at the WAPO

Conservative dissent is brewing inside the Vatican.

for "conservative dissent", read Catholics who believe in what the church has always believed and are tired of being pushed around by self styled "reformers" who destroy the mass, taught our kids in Catholic schools that masturbation was normal and not sinful, and who looked the other way when priests schtupped their sons.

theWAPO site won't let me sign in (maybe because I have a foreign connection or won't pay to read them).

But here is GetReligion's take on the matter.

quick summary: Conservatives hate Pope Francis because he is the liberal that we – as in the mainstream press – say he is, even though, dang it, he hasn't actually changed any of the loathsome doctrines that we think are so terrible. But we love this pope's quips, as opposed to his actual sermons and writings, and we'll keep printing those quotes over and over.
Oh, and if your don't like the version of Pope Francis that we're describing, then you oppose this pope. Or words to that effect.
But the key is that conservatives inside the Vatican are planning a revolt of some kind. We know this because some of them are talking about "confusion" in the church, confusion that – this is crucial – has nothing to do with the media's consistent portrayal of the pope as a heroic liberal seeking doctrinal reform, although he hasn't changed any yet. And why does the pope keep urging everyone to go to confession? Doesn't Francis know that no one goes to confession anymore, because that would imply that sin is real?

they say that the Pope is only letting "both sides" argue in the open.

No big thing about that. But the press has decided who are the "good guys" and ignore or demonize those fuddy duddies who are Catholic, while making their average readers think that the church is changing so shut up if you protest.

But there are protests and pushbacks

 Ignatius Press (which is run by faithful Jesuits in the USA) is not only publishing books about what the church understands as being marriage, but has now published a book on how a small coterie of European bishops tried to hijack the Bishops' meeting on the family.

 This too was reported on EWTN which has a nightly news program.

there are a lot of prophecies in both Catholic and Pentecostal circles about how the Catholic Church may schism when the career type bishops (mainly in Europe and some in the USA) would try a takeover of the church to make it the superchurch subservient to the NWO.

Reminds me of the Arian kerfuffle, where the sides argued and several of the emperors of Constantinople took the Arian side... but Athanasius, a "conservative dissenter" opposed him, was perseccuted, and the rest is history. (Athanasius eventually won).

and in the USA, the revolt against the "reformers" who did an Alinsky type takeover of the bishop's bureaucracy and many religious orders started here:

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