Tuesday, September 01, 2015

News behind the stories

StrategyPage notes that both Israel and Egypt just found huge gas fields off their coasts:

August 30, 2015: Egypt announced the discovery of the largest natural gas deposits get found in the Eastern Mediterranean. There is up to 30 trillion cubic feet of gas, worth more than the existing (and quite enormous) Israeli discoveries. In late 2014 Israel announced a third major natural gas discovery off their coast. This one was worth over $100 billion dollars. The two previous ones are worth over a trillion dollars. These discoveries make Israel largely energy independent and a major exporter of natural gas. The Egyptian gas field could make Egypt much less dependent on oil imports and be a major boost to the economy.

Other news reports more unreplacable archeological sites being destroyed by ISIS.

Remember when the press hyperventillated over the "lost antiquities" in Baghdad, blaming the US troops. Many of these were not lost, just hidden by staff, of course, and the lack of troops (thanks to Turkish refusal to allow transit from the north ) meant stopping the destruction of the oil fields as was done to Kuwait in the earlier war, causing huge pollution problems, was a priority.

The few gay executions are getting UN attention: Just ignore the millions of Christian/Shiite/etc refugees and murders. They don't count.

David Warren, who was a reporter in those days, summarizes the news behind the news.

Yes, I too remember all those trucks going into Syria before the invasion, but no one else seems to...

believing the narrative instead of the reality is a big problem here, he states.

And other stories (no link alas) suggests China too is believing the narrative not the reality about their financial fiasco.

Of course, when the feces hit the fan in China, all they have to do is invade the aggressive war mongering Philippines for attacking their military off the coast of Palawan. Nothing like a war to distract the naive.

Obama hasn't done much to send a signal there that the US Navy will oppose them.

However, there are signs that Korea and Japan might help us (hint: they don't want China to control the sea lanes in the West Philippine sea).

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