Wednesday, September 02, 2015

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Stocks are tanking....there goes my retirement income.

Ah, but what is the story about South Korea and the Philippines being a bright spot now that China is tanking?

Don't ask me. I'm a doctor, not a banker.

so is the Philippines cracking down on corruption, the problem that discourages investment? Well, the old leftie bishop Cruz notes that the priorities are gay marriage, divorce and abortion. But this is merely kissing the tush of the Obama administration, not a grass roots issue, since 70 percent of the public oppose it despite propaganda here similar to that we saw in the US.

So is the move against the InC church partly to silence it's politically active voice against immorality?

As for corruption: Things are the same as usual: Three reporters killed last week, for pointing fingers at whose fingers are in the till.


Grace says stop picking on the dentist who killed a lion. No, she doesn't have any "official" status, but like Hillary, she might succeed her husband.

Most of the outrage is astroturfed by animal rights types, of course, and they are pressuring the gov't to arrest all involved.

Zim is in big trouble again with China tanking, but now there is a rumor that a rich Nigerian will invest money there. They have trouble attracting foreign investment because they changed the law so that only locals could own factories/mines etc. The idea was to keep the money inside the country instead of exporting the wealth, but the result was, of course, discouraging people from investing because, hey why invest when you can't make a profit?

Here in the Philippines, a law limiting business and land to citizens is gotten around by businessmen marrying a local girl and putting the investment in her name.

Since China has a shortage of marriageable women, maybe they should encourage their businessmen etc. to stay and marry. Lots of Educated Zimbabwe ladies are available.

Maybe someone should tell Grace.


what does Confucius have in common with Orwell?

Emphasizing the importance of correct language. Belmont club explains.

The ancient Chinese sage put great store on the use of the right name. Called theRectification of Names, his doctrine asserted that “social disorder can stem from the failure to call things by their proper names, and his solution to this was the rectification of names.” Names, said Confucius, had to convey the truth.
If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. … Therefore a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately, and also that what he speaks may be carried out appropriately. What the superior man requires is just that in his words there may be nothing incorrect.

The pope will visit the US, and Mom Jones is excited that it might mean Catholics will learn about his ecotheology and obey him and support President Obama's push to destroy the US economy.

from Pathos

As he showed on his July trip to Bolivia in a speech to members of popular movements, he also knows how to bypass the politicians and speak directly to the people, tapping into their desire for change. “He comes as a pope with a vocation to renew politics, leading change from below,” says Ivereigh.

Change from "below"? Bullcrappie.

The powers that be will spin this to try to bully people from above.

If the Pope really wants to talk to the "marginalized", maybe he should start with the middle class, who follow the rules and work hard and try to keep their families intact despite a hostile culture.

If he does try to push this crap, what really might happen will be similar to what happened in South America when the theologians pushed liberation theology or it's pale imitation of socialism in the name of Jesus: A rush of believing Catholics to join their local Pius X church, or if that is not available, the local Assemblies of God, where one can go to church to worship and to learn about the deity instead of being told that recycling and no air-conditioning is the way to go to heaven.


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