Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cyberwar for Dummies


some of this sounds like the DieHard film where all the infrastructure was shut down by hackers.

Lots more at StrategyPage. Their most recent stuff:

Russian hackers know where you live

Americans got lots of stuff on ISIS bad guys because they don't use secure computers..

and China etc. doesn't worry because there is little push back for stealing.

my federal records were among those stolen, and so I now have "insurance" just in case they steal my money.

And of course, this doesn't include the problem that anyone with half a brain can go to our family page on Facebook and find that Lolo graduated from Frostbite Falls High school.

You want something scary? Look at your "history" of searching or viewing and remember someone can find them all.

PBS is due to have a special on it. Since we don't get PBS, and it takes a couple of years for NOVA to get on youtube, it means I will have to illegally download it or try to watch it on a streaming site (which here go on and off thanks to lousy connectivity).

Except there are rumors about that Pacific trade agreement which could stop illegal downloads (which merely means we have to buy new movies, straight from the Chinese pirates, at the Palenke for fifty pesos)

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