Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Good news about the NWO

USAToday editorial by General Petreus and Micheal O'Hanlan of the Brookings Institute remind us that the US Military only was a moat to defend the castle, but allowed the western democracies to flourish and pretty well eliminate poverty in the world.

A few basic realities about the modern world need to be remembered. The post-World War II international order set up by U.S. and other key world leaders 70 years agoproduced more economic growth in more places on earth, benefiting a far higher percentage of the human race, than had any previous global order in any period in history for which we have data.
As policymakers and leaders establish priorities for 2016 and beyond, attention to economic fundamentals should play as big a role in their thinking as crisis management and domestic political maneuvering.
and they conclude with this:

It is all too easy to conflate the temporarily important with the truly significant issues in today's political discourse. It is also easy to view the latest crisis as the be all and end all. But attention to our economy and its core foundations will probably be the most important legacy of political leaders today — as has often been the case in the past. We would do well not to lose sight of this historical truth.
Mike Duncan's podcast on the French Revolution emphasizes the economic problems behind the collapse of the monarchy there, for example.

The Russian economy, which was actually starting to thrive at the time, collapsed due to WWI, allowing a communist take over. And of course the depressions of 1923 and 1930's were behind the Nazi/fascism takeovers.

And as China has embraced the NWO and this has led to it's economic strength, and it's economic imperialism might be a good sign for Africans, whose economies have been stifled by socialism and green do gooders who kept out the green revolution so locals could remain "traditional" i.e. in poverty.

Someone tell Pope Francis. Heck, someone tell Glenn Beck.

Not everything in the NWO is evil.

from the Atlantic:

If the Pope really wanted to help people out of poverty, he'd not only strengthen the family but condemn corruption and drugs, both of which are fueling a lot of the violence in the world.

What, you didn't know that Drugs were funding the Taliban, and smuggling oil and antiquities is funding ISIS and others behind the war in the middle East? Or that corruption is the major problem in China that threatens the stability of that country?

The real question here is if China will take over the Philippines, or just bribe politicians to let them take over our resources.

and of course Africa is being pushed into the modern world by China.

and then there is this:

yeah, along with Africans, even the Chinese are sending missionaries to Europe to convert the heathens.

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