Wednesday, October 21, 2015

 we got up to signal 4 but our area was only signal3....heavy rain, and some trees down. But then they opened the gates of the irrigation dam upstream...and it flooded badly.

our house had 2 inche but luckily our bedroom did not flood....but we moved upstairs to sleep, along with about 20 neighbors. By 8pm the flood passed and they went home. The family was flooded out since they are closer to the river, but Lolo built our house on a small rise about3 ft anove the street. The neighbors also parked their cars in our garage, and I opened the partition into our meeting hall and two more went in there
no electricity, but we have a generator
No city water, but we restarted Lolo's deep pump and it pumps to ground level but not up to the rooftop tank, so we only have water when the generator is on.

so we are fine.

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