Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oil ignorance

one blog I read (which shall be nameless) linked to a left wing magazine that is quite famours (which I refuse to link to) that printed an article that complained the US has not intervened against Boko Harum because they are black and attack people in a country without oil.

This follows the meme: Racist Americans don't care about black people  and evil Republican don't care about any country without oil (uh, silly me. I thought President Obama was a Democrat but then what do I know?)


Nigeria is one of the major oil producers in the world.

WIKIPEDIA lists them as number 13, just below Kuwait. And if they could control the corruption, they will increase production.

(and guess who is the world's number one oil producer? The USA...followed by Saudi and then Russia.)

And although the headlines shout about each terror kidnapping, actually there is a lot going on there, especially since the new, less corrupt Muslim president took over.

StrategyPage articles on Nigeria.

their latest report is slightly optimistic.

The reason I quote StrategyPage is because it is usually correct in it's assessment of what is actually going on in places that you rarely read about except in headlines.

you know that part I quoted above about the US now being the world's largest oil producer?

StrategyPage reports that it has caused problems for Iran. They will get a lot of money with sanctions being lifted, but it might not counter the loss of oil revenue since US exports mean the price of oil is low.

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