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The family: Moynihan facts vs Francis fuzzymindedness?

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Father Z has links to all sorts of stuff on the conference on the family.

Cardinal Pell is not pleased...uh oh. 

My opinion? splitting the church into regional offices is only good if the churches remain Christian (i.e. like the Russian or Greek Orthodox churches, not like the "old catholic" churches or the British Anglicans, who have embraced all sorts of modern stuff, i.e. obeying the King or the cultural leaders rather than being an independent voice).

and I wonder if they discussed the old fights of church independence from governments, a problem that has split the church in China into a government obeying group and one who is Christian...

and why is the council on families discussing dismembering the church anyway?

I will have to read and ponder. There are many prophecies, both Catholic and Protestant, that the church will schism again, but again for Catholics: Been there, done that.

As for family: The NewBooks podcast has one on the Moynihan report.
that report was on the breakdown of the black family in the USA, and it was controversial, possibly because as a sociologist he described what he saw instead of describing what they thought he should have reported. And his dire predictions came true, and family breakdown has spread to the  lower class white community. Again, saying this is an insult and judgemental, but one wonders if the church, instead of talking about compassion and breaking up the church to let the PC Germans rewrite the bible, might have talked about family breakdown, including the economic problems that exacerbate it.

Many of my patients didn't marry their boyfriends because he didn't have a job. The jobs were exported. And this was part of the plan of the globalists, if I read Robert Reich's book on globalism correctly.

Here in the Philippines, the problem is that fathers and mother work overseas, and kids are brought up by extended family. Ah, but what happens for the next generation

And this overseas problem is spreading: Not just India, Pakistan and the Philippines, but now the migrants are from Nepal and various African countries. Africa already had a problem since colonial times from men working in mines, etc,
where wives were not allowed.

Was this discussed?

probably not since a group of bishops a few days after the conference came out with a resolution for the world to go carbon negative. Economic collapse. Way to go fellahs!

and the Pope tweeted that "corruption is evil", so I guess the church is against corruption. Now if the bishops should only name names (although, when the old leftie Archbishop Cruz here did name names here a couple years ago. he got sued for libel. He was lucky he wasn't shot, as some Protestant ministers were...)

anyway, if you read the MSM it sounds like the conference was about making the western yuppies comfortable in their sins rather than recognizing the stresses on families. But then I haven't read the full report.

In summary: I'll have to read more before despairing, but I did get my rosary out last night to pray the church survives.

Why? Well, Pell shows how a conference can be hijacked

You had this year 45 papal-appointed delegates who appeared to swing the vote. It’s said those controversial paragraphs on divorce and remarriage probably wouldn’t have passed without those papal appointees.That’s very possible

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