Friday, November 20, 2015

A tale of two cab rides (Caution: Religious ghosts not noticed)

Ace of Spades links to a nihilistic fantasy written by Tom Friedman (who years ago lived in civil war torn Lebanon). And he sees the modern multinational economyHe writes on the economy a lot. But the world is more than the market.

Compare and contrast: Christian musician MarkMallet's real encounter with a Muslim taxi driver, and changes the subject of the conversation to Mama Mary, who is beloved by most Muslims and Christians (see earlier post on NatGeo's program on Mary). Long religious discussion of various influences "below the fold"...

Reuters article notes many Muslims were killed in the Paris

Elif Dogan, adult daughter of a Turkish shopowner in Belgium, stayed behind when the family returned to Turkey and moved to Paris four months ago. “Terrorism has visited us,” her father Kemal Dogan told Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper. “While we worried something like this could happen in Turkey, we lost our daughter in one of the leading cities of the world.” Lassana Diarra, a French international footballer of Malian origin who was playing at the Stade de France when the attacks started there, announced on his Facebook page that his cousin Asta Diakite was killed in an attack in the city. He asked his French supporters to “stay united in the face of a horror that knows neither color nor religion

StrategyPage discusses multiculturalism and the failed state. again with nuances. and they discuss the problem of "Democracy", and why it might onot work: because of the culture of paranoia when things are bad, scapegoating others, i.e. blaming others for all their problems including what they cause themselves. Also corruption and tribalism.

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