Friday, November 13, 2015

Airport security? We haz that (Philippine news)

From StrategyPage: about who is staying at Egyptian resorts
Egypt is a popular vacation spot for Russians and there were 80,000 Russians in the Red Sea resorts when the aircraft went down.
In our prayers.

A similar bomb didn't bring down a Philippine airlines plane in the 1990's, because of a good captain and because the terrorist miscalculated the placement so it didn't explode the fuel tank. In that one, the terrorist left the bomb behind when he got off on a two step flight. But airline security also has to watch for smuggling by someone who was bribed.

Right now, there is a big security kerfluffle in the main Manila airport about bullets planted in luggage. I haven't been following the details, but a lot of folks are now duct-taping their luggage closed to stop it... it's not clear if this is mischief, security tests gone wrong or what.

Since we are scheduled for a big APEC meeting next week, there are a lot of jittery folks. And for us, it means no deliveries to Manila, since many of the roads will probably be blocked off.

A relative who is an airhostess told me a couple years ago that the US airlines fly out of Manila to park overnight in Taiwan to keep them safe....


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