Thursday, November 12, 2015

Big Brother alert take two.

from Fanbuzz Via Dave Barry:

The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority put the kibosh on this wine commercial and its innuendo produced by Premier Estates Wine of Australia. The wine, this attractive young woman says, is so much like Australia that “some say you can almost taste the bush,” a statement accompanied by this photo.

So how big was the outcry?


in other words, a mere eight people can shut down a commercial.
Of course, if they didn't, it would become a two minute hate in facebook/twitter.

sigh. But then, I'm old enough to remember the "only her hairdresser knows for sure" (about hair dye).

The point is that it is only funny if you have a dirty mind.

I plead guilty.

And I am still waiting for someone to notice the non PC vocabulary used by Dain's in the Hobbit 3...(apparently his British/Scots profanities went over the heads of the US censors and most of the audience here in the Philippines).

Hmm...maybe one should make Dain the symbol for free speech...

Illustration: otis frampton
here is the clip of Dain in battle.

in a related item: one big trend in romance novels is love with the brawny Scotsman.

Blame Outlander. 

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