Thursday, November 12, 2015

Big Brother is watching you.

GetReligion has a report on what is the motivation of some of those on campus in Missouri. A very nice report.

Words do hurt, and random racist words hurt.

But professional protesters have taken over the protest to inflame passions, and there seems a coordination between these groups and incidents in other campuses.

Instapundit has lots of links to the free speech kerfuffle.

yes, it is the 1960's redux, and will alas lead to the same results.

and of course it will distract you from the jobs destroyed by canceling the Keystone pipeline and implementing the latest global warming regulations that will destroy the economy, and keep you from the job destroying details in the Pacific Trade agreement.,

when surveillience cameras are not enough:

UK council given night googles to detect those who let their dogs poop without bothering to collect the stuff.


Who owned that blimp that was causing brownouts in Pennsylvania?

StrategyPage has the details: it carries radar to detect low flying aircraft (below regular radar) but hasn't been very successful, so they are trying to fix the bugs in the system since it is cheaper than using a drone.

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