Thursday, November 05, 2015

China's stories being ignored

twenty year ago I read a book about the shiny new China emerging, written by the wife of a famous NYT editorialist, who at the end of the book admitted she hadn't noticed their one child policy.
Well, now the press is hailing that their gov't will now allow some folks to have two kids.
Only Spiked is obnoxious enough to notice: Hey this is a major violation of the human rights of millions of people.
of course it's not noticed because the powers that be are aiming to depopulate the earth of untermensch.


Gizmodo discusses a university analysis of China's ghost cities, where lots of empty buildings exist, and then insists many of these are occupied only one season a year, i.e. vacation resorts so it's okay.

Uh, isn't there a government office that should have such information?

and resorts that are only open a few months a year are not financially viable: Are these places rented or owned? Yes by the middle class who are investing in them...but do they make a profit on the? Who pays for the upkeep?

This housing bubble is an ominious sign for China's economy/


Again,the NYT finally noticed the lie: (via Gizmodo) China is burning a lot more coal (and producing a lot more pollution) than the gov't there said it was producing.

The figures, which come ahead of the international climate talks to be held in Paris at the start of December, appear in a a new energy statistics yearbook published by China’s statistical agency, reports the New York Times. They reveal that the quantities of coal being burned in the country have been underestimated since 2000.

It's not that they lied: governments always lie. But when stories laud China as being a leader in "green energy" based on official reports, one suspects that an agenda is being pushed. Especially since much of the "Green energy" stuff uses rare metals and the factories are a major source of local pollution.


StrategyPage on China's takeover of the seas, something that ignores international law.

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