Monday, November 02, 2015

Family news

Yesterday was All Saint's day, when everyone goes to the graves of their loved ones to clean the graves up, put flowers there, light candles, and have a small picnic.

I went to Lolo's grave after 5:30 am mass, and already there were families unloading flowers etc. in the cemetery, but because it was early, we could go to the grave in the tricycle (but the cops were there for traffic control, meaning they'd probably stop you and make you go on foot later in the day, unless you were old or couldn't walk that far).

The Vendors were already there at the cemetery gate. In the older part of the cemetery, where poor people are buried and it tends to be very crowded, the smaller vendors set up between the graves.

Lolo is in the new cemetery, where graves are in plots and often in houses or with a roof over a concrete box (due to high water levels). Lolo wanted a roof only, but since there were house type graves on either side, it means his grave is not in the open. He also wanted to be buried below ground, US you have to step up to the floor of the grave since he is essentially buried at ground level and the dirt is piled over his casket, and then the floor and then a roof.

Now if the contractor will only finish the floor. Photos from my cousin's cellphone:

The alternative was his first choice: To be buried in a concrete box over his mother's grave in the old cemetery. But since in the last few years two other relatives have been buried in that site, it was getting too crowded, with five people already buried in the small family plot. So the new plot will fit six in the ground, and if we have to, another six or 12 in boxes over the ground.

So, anyway, I went to his grave early and then came home.

Joy and Ruby went after their church service and lunch, and stayed there for awhile as is the custom. They also visited the graves of Lolo's mom and Dr. Ito, and talked with the relatives.

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