Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Family news

Joy and Ruby got home late so stayed with grandmom for the night, but the car and driver came home in the middle of the night.

Lolo and I bought a small lot to build ourselves a house years ago, but never had the money to do it. Since it is a gated community, there is a yearly fee that hasn't been paid in three years, mainly because we are awaiting an official deed.

Chano said he will check up and straighten it out and I guess I will be stuck with the fee. Sigh.

The bad news is that since it was in our name, it is not in the will (the lawyer said I inherit it automatically as per American law). But I am not allowed to own it by myself by Philippine law.

I'm not sure where it goes from here, but since we are all broke I guess it will sit there. Maybe I'll sell it and buy rice land under my granddaughter's name so we have something to eat when TEOTWAWKI hits (/s).

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