Monday, November 23, 2015

Family News

Ruby and friends from her church youth group were here last evening making and bottling juice drinks to sell at a sports meet.

Dita had some left over fried chicken from lunch, but having raised teenaged boys myself, I knew that the amount (enough for four persons when eaten as a meal) would feed maybe one kid, so I sent our help out to buy some lechon manok (rotisserie chicken) and pandesal (small rolls). We had plenty of rice for them: we always have a pot of cold rice sitting on the stove, since Dita cooks a huge container and then reheats it for breakfast, and if it's not eaten, serves it to the dogs and cats.

Their small Pentecostal church had missionaries from Chicago give a talk and afterwards taught them some new dance steps.

The growing middle class of Americanized kids are up to date on everything via the media, and all have cellphones, of course.

Even Cardinal Tagle is sponsoring a "green" march....the elites of the catholic church used to be liberation theology, but now they are into green ideology.

The poor, however, are still busy with fiestas etc. And Sunday was the "Cecelian": The feast of St Cecilia means that the local musicians perform for us. I sent a donation to cover some of the expenses.

PDF description here of how fiestas etc started.

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