Wednesday, November 18, 2015

hashtag #APEChottie

President Obama arrived for the APEC summit.

Heh. I hadn't watched the news and didn't know this until our maid told me he is arriving.

No, I won't see him, but I'll wave at his plane when it wings over our area at 30000 feet (we are on the flight path of Manila to Tokyo planes).

But he's been upstaged. No, not by the usual idiots/demonstrators.

By the Mexican president:

this article says that Enrique Pena Nieto is a hunk... and the writer is trying to match him up with Pnoy's Sister, who is a beautiful actress.

His main rival? Baby Trudeau, who also is attending.

The debate is centred around the hashtag #APEChottie, which first took off on Twitter in the Philippines Tuesday morning, though it has now spread globally. Many Twitter users are billing Trudeau as an endearing "Canadian bae", while Pena Nieto is being pegged as the Mexican papi, or father.

and HERE is a playlist for your listening pleasure while you sit in traffic. (the streets are blocked off in some areas so traffic, which is usually terrible, is worse than usual).

We even have our own hashtag #Carmageddon

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