Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hell Freezes over news stories of the day

The Pope tells the German bishops that their church is a mess, and that the remedy is for priests to reform, and advises them to confess their sins and receive the Eucharist, and then encourage the lay folks to do the same.....reports Father Z.


The NYTimes finally notices that Saudi has Sharia law.

The West’s denial regarding Saudi Arabia is striking: It salutes the theocracy as its ally but pretends not to notice that it is the world’s chief ideological sponsor of Islamist culture. The younger generations of radicals in the so-called Arab world were not born jihadists. They were suckled in the bosom of Fatwa Valley, a kind of Islamist Vatican with a vast industry that produces theologians, religious laws, books, and aggressive editorial policies and media campaigns.
note the anti Catholic dig. Well this is the NYTimes after all...
and of course it blames Bush for invading Iraq....but ignores that ISIS is Saddam Hussein's shock troops reborn, and that before Bush invaded Iraq, that Saddam's tyranny was just as murderous, but behind closed doors, and not reported because the western press declined to notice.
And the NYTimes doesn't notice the "invisible man" in the Middle East: Their overseas workers who have few rights, including a million Catholics who are denied having a church.
and then there is THIS. Yup. Funding terrorists.

Astronaut takes picture of a UFO. and the UFO coverup community is abuzz.

or maybe not. Probably space junk.


Bill Maher supports the NRA? Well not quite...

Surprised by Newsom’s willingness to accept the paradigm of citizens remaining unarmed in such a setting, Maher responded, “Really? So if you were in a restaurant and a crazy gunman came in, you wouldn’t want to have a gun? You’d rather just be shot?”

Anonymous declares war on terrorists, German press ridicules them.
Anonymous takes German media sites off line.


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