Sunday, November 01, 2015

I'm feeling snarky today

Jesus wouldn't join the NRA? 

Maybe not, but Peter obviously was a member of the NSA (National Sword association)...

like most celebrities, Jesus had a body guard, i.e. Peter, who had a sword and knew how to use it.

and I am pro gun control.

the dirty little secret is that most gun deaths in the USA are minorities and/or drug gang related, and not among this group of law abiding gun owners.

As for the Big Guy:  it is one thing to say "Turn the other cheek" when you are attacked: It's another thing to turn the other cheek and let the bad guys attack the innocent.

If robbers attacked Jesus and his group, not just Jesus but his disciples, including the women mentioned in the Bible who accompanies them and did the cooking etc.  would have been murdered.

Hence the sword.

So why did Jesus warn Peter to put his sword away in the Garden when he was arrested?

Because they were cops: legally authorized to arrest him, and Jesus was not a revolutionary but one who respccted authority...and fighting could have started a rebellion.

If a lot of this sounds cynical, it is because elections are coming to the Philippines, and we expect more politically motivated murders in our town... Already a mayor and a barangay captain were shot in the last few weeks in our area... and our mayor is the daughter of the mayor behind the hit on his rival that killed our nephew, and as soon as she won the election, there was a hit on one of the witnesses to the crime who was on the way home from our cousin's funeral. So now everyone wonders what will happen next.

But private crime still is a problem, including gun crime:

So right now, we are mourning a cousin who shot his brother in a fight (maybe self defence, since the dead brother was drunk and attacked him). So maybe he'd be alive if no gun was involved.

Yes, we have strict gun laws here in the Philippines, but most guns are not registered.

I know Lolo's guns were unregistered, but Chano, being a law abiding Baptist, made him give them away when we moved back here,  because he wouldn't break the law.


Oh well, I still am protected by George the Killer Labretriever, and at night we now have a young man with a machete guarding us.

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