Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nice Stuff around the net

Yes, Virginia, there actually was a Frisbee pie company whose plates inspired the Frisbee. (AtlasObscura)


The moon isn't made of green cheese, but it was twice baked,  (BBC)  like a Chinese Moon cake?

Prof Desch also compared the new Moon model to Chinese "mooncakes" or yue bing, traditionally baked for an Autumn festival. These cakes have a moist filling baked inside a dry pastry.
Chinese mooncake recipe HERE.

not to be confused with a Moon Pie, an American delicacy.


don't just sit there eating flies: DANCE!


I was outside yesterday morning, and saw two morning stars with the moon.

APOD has a photo of it  the moon with Jupiter and Venus HERE. (And the streak on the right is an airplane).

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