Friday, November 06, 2015

Quote of the day

Damian Thompson:

We’re two and a half years into this pontificate. But it’s only in the past month that ordinary conservative Catholics, as opposed to hardline traditionalists, have started saying that Pope Francis is out of control.... No pontiff in living memory has awakened the specific fear now spreading around the church: that the magisterium, the teaching authority vested in Peter by Jesus, is not safe in his hands.

then there is this one, from the National Catholic Register:

 ...(we) expresses gratitude to the Fathers of the XIV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod on “the Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and in the contemporary world”, for affirming, in a climate of challenge and confusion, Christ’s unchanging teachings and the Church’s constant doctrine regarding marriage, the family, and the true meaning and purpose of human sexuality. 

Both from Father Z's blog.

Since Vatican II, few sermons have been preached against divorce (the last time I saw a big kerfuffle where bishops actively opposed divorce was when a bishop opposed Pennsylvania making divorce easy back in the 1960's).

but the bad news is what is also not being preached: That everything we do is serving the Lord, and that marriage and love making and nurturing children is a vocation, not just a part time job that shouldn't interfere with our real work, i.e. career. (and yes, I plead guilty. But I also plead that I had bills to pay and couldn't stay home, so I worked part time while raising kids).

Ironically, only JP2 and Andrew Greeley (and Benedict's encyclical on Love) emphasize the eros of God's love and how it is mirrored in marriage.


related item:

compare and contrast: TheOtherMcCain's report on Salon's favorite pedophile complaining of hate speech which greeted his essay pleaning for understanding on that liberal forum.

. Announcing himself to the world as a Creepy Dude Who Wants to Have Sex With Kids was not the kind of gesture for which pedophile Todd Nickerson could have expected to be praised, and yet the creepy dude nonetheless pretended to be shocked — shocked! — by the angry reaction:
I’m a pedophile, you’re the monsters: Myweek inside the vile right-wing hate machineMy pedophilia essay outraged the right. My attempt tohumanize a real problem brought out their nastiest rageYou see? According to Salon-dot-com, you have nothing to fear from theCreepy Dude Who Wants to Have Sex With Kids. Instead, Salon-dot-com would have you believe, the real danger is “the vile right-wing hate machine.” 
well, his website is full of crazy hate, much of it not by the blogger but when he directly quotes feminists.


what the Pope sees in the family meeting is the hurting person, and he wants to welcome him and say he is loved. Fine.

What he doesn't see is the harm done to those around them, be it the innocent person whose philandering husband or wife divorced them, to the kids growing up fatherless, or the family who is manipulated by the alcoholic/druggie in their house.

And the Pope ignores that there are sociopaths who use sentimentality and guilt to manipulate people. And if you oppose them, you are full of hate.

Don't get me started: I see this in my own home.

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