Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Stories below the fold

CNN has photos of the Bronze age grave found at Pylos.

Also in the shaft tomb was a unique necklace of box-shaped golden wires, gold and silver goblets, and more than 50 intricately carved seals -- made in the style of the Minoan culture of the large island of Crete, to the southeast -- depicting goddesses, reeds, altars, lions and men jumping over bulls

Wikipedia article on the area...note that the area was essentially depopulated at the time of the Peloponesian war, but because it was in a valuable area, it has a lot of people fighting in the area.


Death rate among middle aged white Americans with a low education is up. Mainly due to alcohol, drugs, suicide and "liver disease" (which is often related to drug use or alcohol).

cultural reasons are killing people.
So where are the churches? Approving their vices by denying sin and being non judgemental, or trying to rescue them from the gates of hell?


In Zimbabwe, often farmers burn off the dead grass/hay left in the fields after harvesting, to prepare the fields for new grass or replanting.

One such veldt fire has spread to the visitor center at the GreatZimbabwe monument.

similar "Slash and burn" fires are causing a haze emergency here in Asia.

BBC article admits that although people "support" China's one child policy, that there are a lot of stories that suggest it harmed many many people.


scientists are often geeks. Well, duh.

but now if you are a geek, they say it's autistic like personality.

Stretching the diagnosis of autism is one reason that we have many more cases... in the past the large percentage of those with full blown autism were called childhood schizophrenic or just mentally retarded with behavioral problem.

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