Thursday, December 10, 2015

All you need is love post of the day

A kindly ditty by Noel Coward from the days of WWII



 lyrics HERE


Let's be meek to themAnd turn the other cheek to themAnd try to arouse their latent sense of funLet's give them full air parityAnd treat the rats with charityBut don't let's be beastly to the Hun
Don't let's be beastly to the GermansYou can't deprive a gangster of his gunThough they've been a little naughtyTo the Czechs and Poles and DutchI can't believe those countriesReally minded very much
Let's be free with themAnd share the BBC with themWe mustn't prevent them basking in the sunLet's soften their defeat againAnd build their bloody fleet againBut don't let's be beastly to the Hun


update: Yes I'm being sarcastic. Marshall plan, and free markets, anyone?

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