Sunday, December 20, 2015

Family news

Joy is preparing fruit salad for her church's Christmas party.

Ruby is busy with her friends cooking too.

I went to 5:30 mass, a bit late since it was raining and I wasn't going to go, but it stopped raining so I arrived at the gospel. We then went to Lolo's grave to light a candle.

We heard a lot of sirens, and saw an ambulance and also a police motorcycle with a siren. No, not an emergency: They were having a marathon and they were protecting the runners from traffi: even though they were running in the parallel side streets, there is traffic since everyone goes to the Palenke at dawn to buy food etc. and although locals usually use tricycles (motorcycles with side cars) some do use their trucks/cars/SUV's.

Lots of decorations up all over. I only put a few up, since we cleaned up all the junk after Lolo died, and we can't find where we stored the Christmas tree and decorations.

Well, this means we aren't decorated and I don't have to open the door and give money to the carolers (since I am here alone, I don't open the door at night unless I know the person.)

I still have one of the farmer's helpers sleeping in the living room with a machete. I don't know how long this will continue, but at least I am safe for the holidays.

The family Christmas party is Friday, but with the bad feelings from Lolo's funeral, certain people here are not invited, although I might sneak there with the cook after supper to say hi.

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