Friday, December 11, 2015

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SSFrom Spiked: Zombies are in...blame George Romero? Or a metaphor for surviving when everything is gone?


also from Spiked: Camille Paglia on Feminism's wrong turn

sex as Dionysus? Yes. Jung and all that. But Paglia forgets that sex is also Aphrodite and Hera. .. Hera not only nurtures families but destroys those who ignore or ridicule her...

related item: TheOtherMcCain wonders if the present fads of radical feminism and it's sister movements have become a cult for the troubled: a way to make sense of their lives by latching onto something big.  (see TheTrue Believer by Hoffer).

Oh well: Better Benny in a dress then deciding he should join ISIS and blow up his fellow workers.


Gizmodo: Now the green tyrants want to ban cars.

sounds like this lady never actually commuted. Or lived in Minnesota. Or had arthritis. Or had to tote around a toddler. Or carry groceries.

Nevertheless, she points to other cities who have supposedly done this:
 But she's pulling a fast one here: if you read the article a bit more closely, you find that  they don't ban cars from these cities, of course: they only block traffic from certain parts of the inner city. There is a big difference.

Get better transportation, fine. Keep the densely populated inner city free of cars except for taxis, fine. But banning all cars?

Oh yes, she also wants to force everyone to live in high rises.

What could go wrong with that?

ImprobableResearch Podcast: Yes, Kansas is flatter than a pancake.

and Freakonomics podcast: The Cheezburger diet.

Includes this Factoid: the hamburger might have been invented in several cities, but the Cheeseburger was invented in Louisville KY.

Nowadays, we docs tell people with a concussion to rest at home for a couple of days. But now studies suggest activity might be the way to go.

Get Religion comments on an article about Political Islam, which seeks to impose their interpretation of Islam on the world..and points to Saudi Arabia. Are we discussing religion or politics, or both?

Sigh. I'm old enough to remember when Catholics were shunned for trying to impose popish ideas on the USA (like no divorce, no abortions, letting clergy teach classes to their own members in schools). But there is a difference between arguing about such things in the public square, and having an elite group impose them by fiat from above. Such things could never happen in the USA...(/S)

StrageyPage has a discussion here.

CatholicWorldNews discussion here.


forgiving the unforgivable.

read the whole thing.


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