Sunday, December 13, 2015

Philippine and family news

Ruby was getting into a cab in Manila ( for a Christmas party) when a man pulled off and stole her gold necklace and red crystal jewel. It was costume jewelry and she wan't hurt.

But I wear  real gold chain and religious medal because I am allergic to copper, so I guess I'd better watch out if I travel to Manila.

another day, another typhoon...will hit south of here. (we hope).


we are having an election for president in the near future, and the leading candidates seem to the elite's favorite Mar Roxas,  Duterte, whose tough talk and macho approach to being mayor makes Rudi Giuliani seem like a pussy, and Miriam, who is the fastest tweeter in town and the favorite of student and the tech set.

In our town, the present mayor is running against the guy who her father tried to assasinate two elections ago. (he was not where he was supposed to be, so they shot two of his sons, a couple of security guards, and our nephew who was a bystander).

We hope to get through the election cycle without more murders, but we are called the "wild west" of the Philippines, and most candidates travel with body guards.

We'll probably get international observers to check the election is counted fairly, as we have in the past.

Of course, since most people agree with my late husband that they are "all crooks" and it doesn't matter, they will vote for the highest bidder...

StrategyPage summary on local military/security news in the Philippines.


and the really important question in the local newspaper:

Where should Anthony Boudain dine?

He's in Manila. I doubt he'll come this far north, but if he visits here, he could try Luz' kitchen for home style food and Halohalo, but Rustica is the best one for gourmet type dinners.

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