Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stories below the fold

The Smoked Mummies of New Guinea.


Is someone buying cellphones to stage a car bombing in Missouri?

On the other hand, one can suggest it's not white teapartiers, who would know that you can't hide stuff in the woods in the fall, because it would be found during hunting season.


StrategyPage has (another longer) discussion on the reality of women in the military. Better than men in some jobs, worse in others. But the PC, who have never been in the military, want everyone to be interchangeable, and is not a reality based assessment.


hmm...ancient aliens debunked on C2C...
on the other hand, the other day, he was talking to a guy who claimed to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, so it balances out. (I can hear snippets on USRadio streaming here because it's 12 hours difference).

I agree with Professor Cline: Real archeology is so interesting that we shouldn't need an alien fantasy to get people interested.

Other news: Someone is sniping at Art Bell, so he quit again. Paranoid? Or just maybe he lived in the Philippines too long and knows the local custom to intimidate snoopy reporters.


BBC: Sherlock is coming...and the next one will be in Victorian London.

Another day another typhoon...

It's dark and raining heavily here since we are on the edge (it is hitting south of here)

Locals are planting the winter rice crop, so this will save them some irrigation fees.

Also, the oil price war means cheaper diesel for handplows etc.

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