Friday, January 29, 2016

China takeover?

I woke up late at night and turned on the TV and happened to catch a discussion of the Apparition of Lipa on the local TV.

A young novice nun saw the Virgin...nothing new about that, especially in Latin countries where local shrines about visions dot the landscape. But here, the usual over enthusiasm of the locals had the Vatican quickly shut it down, persecuted the nuns, threw the girl out of the convent, and threatened the bishops to sign a paper saying it was a fake.

But as the bishops died, many admitted they only signed the letter under threats of excommunication, so in recent years the Bishop reexamined the case, and now one can visit the site...

Is it real or fake? Who knows. These things are left to one's judgement by the church, unless fraud or heresy are found.

The pressure on the bishops was probably true since I first heard the story of the shut down from a Spanish exchange student whose uncle was a Jesuit  of how they shut a reported vision down, not because they investigated it, but because miracles and visions were taboo at the time.

Well, anyway, only later did I recognize the story after seeing a report on local TV here.

So last night, as they discussed the matter on local TV,  they mentioned one of the "secrets" was that China would try to take over the Philippines.

A retrograde discovery of a "secret"? Again I don't know.

But both the priest and the reporter just shrugged as if this was going on right now and was inevitable...

In other words, the grass roots opinion here is that China's aggression in the West Philippine sea will not stop with them taking over the sealanes and shoals but with a takeover of the Philippines.

Since the Chinese already run the economy via their merchants and by keeping their currency so low that they can under price local products and bankrupt local businesses, this might just be referring to an economic takeover...but given the passivity of the US in face of Chinese aggression against the Philippines and Vietnam, locals just figure they will have to go along with the Chinese bullying.

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