Thursday, January 14, 2016

Factoids of the day

mostly from the BBC:

Pollsters say their polls were wrong because people with conservative opinions were "too hard to contact".

the positive side of global warming: The ice age has been postponed.

Oil prices goes under $30 a barrel, causing havoc in oil producing countries.

bu it is good news for us, since it means lower expenses in growing rice (handplows, threshers, transport) ordinary travel, and cooking (LPG is commonly used).

various urban legends place Jesus all over the place,  but the strangest one is that he visited the UK...

Lego, China, AiWeiWei, and censorship.

where did the word cocktail come from?

The Hottentot Venus:
Sarah Baartman remembered.

more popular than Mao: The face of Col Sanders.

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