Thursday, January 21, 2016

Family News

I have contracted with one of our workers to finish the shelter over my husband's grave. I had a contract, but after the second payment (for supplies) they didn't do any work, so the place is half finished.

I really can't afford it, but if construction is to be done, it needs to be done now, during the dry season.

In the meanwhile, the apartment/small house in Manila that my husband willed to my granddaughter will have to be repaired so we can put in a new tenant (the old one's lease expired, and the roof is now leaking). Sigh. Goodbye savings. I should be okay if I don't get sick.

Joy is working with the Dept of Agriculture to develop organic rice etc. in other areas, so she is at another meeting.

Chano will do regular rice planting on our own fields.

Today is another brown out, but we got the large generator on so the internet is now working.

Some locals men came over and asked if they could trim the leaves and remove the half ripe coconuts from our tree, since the electricity is off and since the older branches could fall and cut the electric lines in a storm they are a danger.

So we said yes, paid them a small tip, and then fed them some cocacola and crackers and let them have most of the coconuts they removed.

we used to have a lot of such trees, but once they get tall (30 feet) they are a danger, and then the city removed those along the side road when they widened the irrigation ditch there. Did I tell you the new ditch is covered? An improvement.

The new puppie is still crying at night, so I put him in the back yard, and later our watchman brought him in for company where he sleeps in the front room. After everyone left, he again was put in the front yard, but when I looked for him, he wasn't there...he had fallen into a small hole and was sleeping quietly... and had to be rescued.

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