Friday, January 22, 2016

Quote of the day

From Uncle Orson, who after reviewing a "well I abandoned my kids to follow my dream" and after watching the survival type "reality shows" where the feminists treat those who helped them (and would keep them alive if the situation was real) like dirt, because in reality shows no one dies, comments:

It's like a lovely quote I read the other day (and promptly forgot the source): If everybody thinks outside the box, who's going to take care of the box?We glorify rule-breakers, selfish people who "follow their dream," and prickly self-righteous Offended Ones who allow themselves to become annoyed by trivialities.
And the number of people who tend to the box, who take responsibility for the well-being of others, who absorb many a word and many a harm without lashing out -- those are the people who keep civilization alive.

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