Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rants and eyerolls

Big kerfuffle because Trump said "two corinthians" instead of "second Corinthians".. it is not a mistake but using the British terminology.

13 hours is not political per se: It is about technocrats vs those who actually know what is going on, says the NYPost.

It’s the old story of nerds vs. jocks. ....
 ’13 Hours’ dramatizes … what’s going on in the country: bureaucratic indifference on the one side, things going up in flames on the other.
Nerds may be adequate leaders when everything is going smoothly. But when there are jihadis gathering with rocket launchers outside the gate, send for a jock.

And they say that will help Trump.

no, I haven't seen the movie.

via FatherZ: links to a book review on Cardinal Sarah's new book.

a church of nice..."who am I to judge"

if you live in the third world, where family is the only thing that protects women, children, and the elderly, you realize that these sexual sins that are winked at in the west really do hurt people.

the Pope is busy blasting those who refuse to change, but doesn't define what changes he is talking about.

is he talking about trivia (meat on Friday, wearing a hat in mass) or about important things (the sacredness of marriage, the ten commandments)?

without defining what he means, he is being used by "reformers" to blast the quiet believers who try to do the right thing and have the nerve to judge sinful deeds as sinful.

or as Camus noted:

The evil in the world comes almost always from ignorance, and goodwill can cause as much damage as ill-will if it is not enlightened. 

update: David Warren's comments on the clueless Francis is much better than mine. And he has links  link2 for theologically minded.

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