Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Science news

Why get measles vaccine? Well, if you have ever seen one case of this, you would get your kid the shot.

this kid, who received one dose of the vaccine at 8 months in the Philippines, shows the problem of the vaccine: At 8 months, the child still has some of it's mother's antibodies, so he won't get full protection (which is why MMR is given after one year). And the vaccine is temperature sensative: If it gets too warm (e.g. in a brownout when the refrigerator goes off, or from being left out too long) it is less potent and doesn't work as well.

And of course, in Africa and poor countries, the mortality from measles is high: Measles vaccine has saved17 million lives since the year 2000, according to the WHO.


Don't get a heart attack above the 16th floor.

they suspect the problem is the slowness in getting there.


Light activated nano particles might kill superbugs.

answering the important scientific questions of the day:

Can a pet increase your sex appeal?

yes, but only if it is a dog...

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