Friday, January 01, 2016

Stories below the fold

There is a lot of buzz about the new Starwars being a PC reboot of the old Starwars...
no comment, since I haven't seen it yet.

however, since the new startrek reboot was a lot less interesting than the older one I am sceptical about remakes.

However, InOurTime podcast discusses Tristen and Iseult. Don't know that story?

Well, Shrek was the reboot of that old romance.

and Shrek 2 was a reboot of "guess who's coming to dinner"...

Speaking of new releases: I am wondering if "JOY" is a pro business or anti business film? From the guys who brought you SilverLiningsplaybook, but unless JLawrence plays a nymphomaniac dancer or a heroine with PTSS, it doesn't look like a reboot...


fromGizmodo:the physics of chocolate fountains.

Actually, we have them here at big parties and the kids love them.

Blood, ketchup, yogurt, gravy, mud, pudding, custard, thickened pie fillings, and honey are other examples of non-Newtonian fluids. Not all such fluids are created equal: they respond to stress or a shearing force in different ways. With cream, the viscosity increases with stress over time: the longer you whip it, the thicker it gets. Custard also becomes more solid—viscosity increases with increased stress—while honey, ketchup, or tomato sauce become more fluid, as viscosity decreases with stress over time. The latter are known as shear-thinning non-Newtonian fluids. Molten chocolate also becomes less viscous under stress.

Science answers the question: Does my dog love me?

headsup presurfer.

Yes, but the cat probably just wants food.


The Bustle is back thanks to the Kardashians.

but in today's modern world, The cult of celebrity leads to plastic surgery fad.


A White Christmas... in Israel?

not good news for the Syrian refugees...

same thing happened in early 2015...

And not for the first time: A similar cold snap caused snow in the Middle East in 2013...


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