Monday, January 11, 2016

The world is changing...maybe

Remember when Rolling Stone put one of the Boston marathon bombers on their cover, looking like an innocent student?

Well, they did it again.

(headsup via AnnAlthouse)

A drug lord in Mexico, where over 100 thousand people have been killed by cartel violence over the last ten years, has an interview by actor/activist Sean Penn. To make things worse, the guy was allowed editorial control on what was printed, meaning he could veto anything sounding bad against him in the interview.

the good news? Whoops. They got him.

Mexico Attorney General Arely Gomez had said on Friday that Guzman’s contact with actors and producers for a possible biopic helped give law enforcement a new lead on tracking and capturing the world’s most notorious drug kingpin.

Well, after all, if the spies could find a Filipino terrorist group after they ordered pizza, they could probably have spied on Penn (one doubts this left wing narcissist would risk his life by actually spilling the beans).

However, apparently the article included this quote as a summary of the ethics behind the article:

 "The laws of conscience, which we pretend to be derived from nature, proceed from custom."
Uh, actually that is not true.

One's conscience is innate, even found in toddlers, and is pretty nigh universal.

However, about ten percent of the population are sociopaths or narcissists who do not have a conscience and therefore don't believe others do. They are pressured into doing the right thing by society because it is advantageous for them, but once anarchy ensues or the cops aren't around, they are free to do anything they want to do.

This, by the way, is why the idea that one needs God to be good is wrong: No, it's an evolutionary advantage to be good for most folks.

(As a Catholic, I believe God arranged evolution to hard wire the brain to be good, just like he arranged for the brain to be hardwired for religion, but that's another subject altogether).

A good society is one where the conscience is backed by custom and law.

However, as studies have shown, public pressure will allow ordinary folks to overcome their consciences and do evil.

Which leads us to the saying: one man with courage is a majority.

Like the child in the Emperor's new clothes, once someone dares to oppose the false opinions, often those with consciences recognize their own opposition and get the courage to say no.

Belmont Club notes that we might be getting a "western spring"...

 Yes,  but is that a good thing?

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world..

The Arab Spring only let the radicals take over (a gun after all is more powerful than a least in the short run), but now Europe and the USA are also having a lot of ordinary folks stepping up and saying WTF (or in the US: TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP). Sigh.

The tension between the forces of political correctness and the pent-up forces of repressed cultural traditions is now bursting like a spring wound up beyond containment. 
In the USA, a lot of us are tired of being called "white people" and "bigots" (especially those of us who are ethnic Europeans who ourselves suffered discrimination). And we are tired of being made fun of because we think one should work for a living, be polite, follow the law, not take drugs, not be promiscuous, and that being married and faithful and taking care of our children is something good, not something to be ridiculed.

Luckily, America's constitution permits an election cycle that allows the craziness to be aired out every four years...

Europe's problem is an unregulated ingress of people who could cause trouble.

The MSM stresses all those poor families fleeing being murdered, but the reality is that 70 to 80 percent of the "refugees" are young men, often not from countries at war, and who unlike the Mexicans and Central Americans migrating illegally to the USA, may are probably not going to assimilate and many may not easily find work.

Uh, why not regulate who gets in?

Which is what the unwashed masses in the USA are saying to Obama, not about the Mexicans who take their jobs but about the drug and gangs coming in a porous border...

Yet most Hispanics are trying to support their families, and given a generation or two will assimilate and intermarry, just like the Catholics and Jews and Asians have done and are doing now (often churches help this along ).

But this might not be true in Europe, where citizenship is based on ancestry, and the madrasses are manned by wild eyed preachers inspired by Saudi's rigid creed.

An excess of young testosterone filled Muslim men in a country where women go around half naked? Guess what happens? if only a a tiny percent of them act on their impulses (as seemed to have happened on New Year's eve) you have a problem...DUH.

Europe has been through this before, after WWII, where a lot of young men were wandering around looking for love.

Yes, the Red Army rapes were policy to punish civilians, but the Allied were pretty good at it too, albeit a lot of the sex that went on then was exchanging sex for fun, food or gifts: as the saying went: They are oversexed, overpaid, and over here.

So Europe has a problem, and what makes it worse is that their "right wing" resembles David Duke a lot more than Trump.

Ah but what about Asia?

Two potential troublespots here.

One of these days, North Korea will implode...hopefully it will not explode.

And China's problems are simmering too: Stock market collapse?  Housing bubble? Corruption? Wildcat strikes? Unemployment?

StrategyPage has a summary here.

well, I suspect that if China gets too chaotic, what will happen is a war against those nasty aggressive Filipinos.

 Photo: Kalayaan ATIN ITO/Facebook

Yes, the latest Pinoy aggression against China is a bunch of college students armed with smartphones and Facebook...

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