Saturday, January 23, 2016

WWJD? or die of food poisoning if you love Jesus

well, first we had the "faith based" outreach to stop using energy, and then we had the Pope play a "green themed" light show on St Peters.

So what is the latest faith based outreach that we will be told we have to embrace if we want to prove we are good people?GetReligion reports on the "faith based" outreach to stop "wasting" food.

"That shalt not toss food."That was the headline on an NPR report this week on the government enlisting religious groups to help fight America's food waste:
Separation of church and state? When it comes to fighting food waste, the U.S. government is looking to partner up with the faithful.
The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday launched the Food Steward's Pledge, an initiative to engage religious groups of all faiths to help redirect the food that ends up in landfills to hungry mouths. It's one piece of the agency'slarger plan to reduce food waste by 50 percent by 2030.

No analysis why or who throws out the food.
Leftovers on plates can not be recycled. Left over food in the main dishes can be refrigerated, but if it was on the table too long, it might give you food poisoning when reheated. Finally, for singles or the elderly, often these food are thrown out.

Many stores and restaurants give away leftovers to staff, sell packaged food at a discount (e.g. over date bread), or send it to nearby food banks or soup kitchens, or send it to local pig farms.

But like a lot of recycling, often the cost is higher than just throwing it out.

Ah, but if it is wasted because it goes into "landfills", then why not just separate food items from paper and plastics, and let it rot into fertilizer? Because of the cost, of course.

So I do have a problem with this being made a moral point, because it is the government trying to hijack religion for what is essentially an economic, not a moral reason.

and before you throw out that leftover food, remember:

And as a doc, it makes me shudder: Eating "old" food is a major cause of food poisoning.

and no, we don't have a lot of leftover food here in the Philippines. The dogs eat it.

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