Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Evil still exists: it thrives on killing the innocent

GetReligion blog links to a local Pakistan news reports on the victims of Islamic terrorists: The children who are killed or wounded when they attack schools.

Story link:

In December,, the online version of the Pakistani newspaper, launched a groundbreaking project that addresses that very concern.
The project, titled 144 Stories, serves as a virtual memorial to the lives lost on Dec. 16, 2014, when Taliban gunmen attacked a public school in Peshawar. When the rampage ended, 144 were dead – most of them schoolchildren. News reports called it the deadliest Taliban attack in Pakistan’s history....
The reporting for 144 Stories is stellar and, at times, heartbreaking. Readers learn about eighth-grader Uzair Ali, who saw the attackers and leapt to shield his friends by lying on top of them. He was shot 13 times and killed, but he managed to save his companions.
14-year-old Fahad Hussain opened a door so his friends could run out. He stayed behind to make sure everyone was evacuated. The killers gunned him down.
First-grader Khaula Bibi was the youngest victim and the only female. The 6-year-old was killed on her very first day of school. Relatives noted that even at her young age, Khaula championed the right of girls to be educated.

Read it and cry.

and say a prayer for the reporters: their lives are in danger for reporting such things


BBC report (2010) about such murders, not just in Muslim countries but also in southern Thailand...
and how they have widespread and lasting effects on the ability of the locals to educate their children.

this is evil. Killing the innocent is forbidden, but when killing is said to be good by Religious leaders, then it is up to other religious leaders to stop them.

Ah, but the dirty little secret is that the Saudis fund these type to start schools and mosques all over the world. They do this so these leaders don't overthrow the princes who run the place.

and the Saudi funded Madrasses are often the only place for poor kids to get an education: Alas too many of them don't teach useful subjects, only the hateful type religion that makes the poor kids vulnerable to be recruited by terrorists.

However, part of the reason for killing children and burning down schools is not just because they might learn to read and write and learn western ideas: It is because they are soft targets.

kids don't shoot back.

This is why, when I worked in Africa, hospitals and schools and their employees were targets by the communist insurgents funded by the World Council of (christian left wing) Churches.
I should add: usually they didn't kill kids. They merely kidnapped them for recruits.(as the Boko Harum and the "christian" cult LPA do today).

and those enamoured of liberation theology and who correctly lament the US atrocities in VietNam conveniently don't remember the VietCong death squads who killed hundreds of thousands of civilians.

nor do the liberation theology types remember those killed by Narcoterrorist funded leftists in Colombia and now in Mexico.

and of course, the massacre of college aged students in Mexico is one of the major ignored stories in the US news.

But today the terrorists dejour are Islamicists, and the winner of the worst terrorist group is the Boko Harum...They also have killed many students, and burnt down many schools. But are ignored because hey, who reads news about Africa?

of course, benign Americans would never celebrate killing innocent children...

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