Monday, February 01, 2016

Happy year of the fire monkey

Chinese new year is here.

No, we don't celebrate it here in the provinces, but the Chinoys do in Manila.

StrategyPage update on China...economic data is fake, corrption and pollution is a problem, but they have managed to get most of their country out of poverty ((don't tell Pope Francis).

and they note what I have said many times:

Meanwhile China continues to insist that it owns the South China Sea despite what anyone else in the neighborhood believes or international treaties say. The neighbors (especially Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines) continue to protest and build up their much smaller air and naval forces. Many Filipinos doubt that the United States would stand fast if China pushed hard. There are no signs that China is going to back down when it comes to its many territorial claims on neighbors.
and it notes the 30 thousand Chinese working in Algeria building a port project: because locals lack skills, and the Chinese are efficient.

and then they hint at the most undercovered story in the MSM:

 Some of those Chinese will settle down in Algeria, but not as many as in non-Arab Africa
more HERE.

this suggests that Sub Saharan Africa might outstrip the middle east in economic growth in the near future....

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