Saturday, February 20, 2016

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 Dr E reports on the environmental outreaches of Iran with the European Union.

well, it might work if the president was really in charge and could control the mullah's terror loving minions.


related item: Russia joins Tehran's axis of terror.

The US is right to oppose both ISIS and the Assad regime. Syria’s government has sponsored terrorism not only against every single one of its neighbors, but also against the United States in Iraq. But let’s be honest: There will be no nonviolent political transition in Syria. The regime is overwhelmingly dominated by members of the non-Muslim Alawite minority, who will never negotiate with jihadists who want to impale them as infidels, nor with the ragtag “democratic forces” (now largely driven by Kurdish fighters) theoretically backed by the US.
Whatever is left of the moderate Sunni Muslim community would probably go along with a smooth transition of some sort, as long as it’s genuine. It’s what they wanted at the very beginning before the nonviolent protest movement escalated to war. But the regime wouldn’t be negotiating with passive moderates who have fled the country or are hiding under their beds. If there were negotiations, they would have to be with the men who have guns, almost all of whom at this point are battle-hardened extremists.
related item: Russia and US troops working together in Libya

bbc report on US air strikes here..

PJMedia blasts the Scalia conspiracy theorists. Yes, they are getting pretty bizarre on some of the right wing discussion pages.

On the other hand, why not do an autopsy to prove no one gave him '"coppolino juice"?


StrategyPage podcast this week is on the Korean missile crisis. mp3link

Jim and Austin give us the scoop on what is going down in North Korean, and why they are an ongoing problem for everyone involved.

another news story ignored


there is a big kerfuffle about Apple refusing to give codes to the FBI to unlock the San Bernadino terrorist's phone.

John McAfee discusses the problem (BBC link)

In his article, Mr McAfee stated that he was keen to unlock the device because he didn't want Apple to be forced to implement a "back door" - a method by which security services could access data on encrypted devices.
Chief executive of Apple Tim Cook had previously said in a statement that the firm did not want to co-operate.
He argued that introducing a back door would make all iPhones vulnerable to hacking by criminals.

more here. 

and UKMail article HERE.

Eccentric tech millionaire John McAfee says his team of tattooed pot-smoking hackers will break into terrorists' iPhone for free....McAfee says his team of hackers have abilities that 'defy comprehension'
related item: Mysterious spike in Tor addresses.

botnet/malware or Ricochet? or just ordinary folks who don't want their illegal downloads of starwars or kiddie porn being spied on? Hopefully it's not terrorist related...

another related item: A history of listening in on private data.

UPDATE: The password was changed by the FBI, but they forgot to write down what it was?

ABC news report here.

UKMail had this article about the UK trying to remain free of the European Union's big brother, by keeping British currancy separate from the Euro, but it sounds like he didn't manage to do it.
No, I know nothing about what this is about.

the latest green enemy: Coffee capsules.

Well they make great coffee, but we still use either instant coffee or the old fashioned drip type here. Our real problem is plastic bags...not plastic bags per se but that people throw them away everywhere and they clog up our open ditch sewers.

AlJ notes that VietNam is protesting China placing surface to air missles on the so called 'disputed" islands in the East Vietnam sea.
Australia and Taiwan are also protesting.

who do they want to shoot down? Anyone? Anyone?


photo of the day from the BBC: when the setting sun lights up ElCapitan's horsetail falls...

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