Friday, February 05, 2016

News you can use

The secret underground rail line in London...

it was used to transport packages and letters in the past, and will reopen in the near future.


Shark Week! gets a lot of people afraid of the water, but there are a lot more things out there that can kill you...

However, HippoWeek! doesn't quite have the same ring...

Rejoice, ladies:
Scientists have discovered the cause of "resting bitch face".


the WAPO reports on the Padre Pio road trip.


most people have never read War And Peace, but the book that is most lied about being read is Alice in Wonderland...

Actually the trick is to skip the dull parts of War and Peace (my abridged version leaves out a lot of the war descriptions). Most of the others I have actually read, but I loathed Alice and never finished it.


most politically incorrect protest sign of the week.


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