Friday, February 05, 2016

Philippine news

The TransPacific trade agreement has been signed.

the gov't here likes the treaty, because it means more jobs and more investment. However, officially we aren't in this first round of the agreement.

No, don't ask me what that means for ordinary folks,  but I suspect that for the US, it means losing more manufacturing jobs, which is why most of those running for President in both parties oppose it.


low oil prices are good, since it means lower costs for farmers and manufacterers (lower fuel prices for the thresher/rice drier/handplow and transportation costs), but alas a good harvest means the price of rice is going down too...
and since a lot of Filipino OFW work in oil producing countries, some will be laid off, fewer will be hired, and so our overseas remittances that fuel our middle class will be less.

Everyone is hoping that more local investment will allow them to find work closer to home.

we are having a presidential election here too...

And the rumor of the week:

Is Grace Poe, who was adopted, actually the birth child of another notorious politician?

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